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901WebStudios is a small design studio run by Jeremy Gatens. We’re based in Pennsylvania and specialize in attractive, intuitive interfaces for the web. Since 2007 we've been designing, developing and consulting on some of the best websites and mobile apps around.

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Business Strategy  

Through a customized and intensive multi-day planning session, we'll create a comprehensive strategy based on research, analysis and goals. At 901WebStudios we have a proven track record of helping business achieve their goals.

Responsive Design  

Unique, adaptive and effective websites that engage customers and convert leads. We have experience making sites on a variety of platforms. Form follows function, and at 901WebStudios, we make websites that work.

Email Campaigns  

At 901WebStudios, we have created stunning HTML email campaign for our clients, which have attracted new customers to their business. With our help, you will be able to create world-class marketing campaigns that reach your clients.


We design for the front end user, based on your analytics data and feedback. Whether your target demographic needs a responsive design solution or a separate mobile app, here at 901WebStudios we are here to help. Listed below is some of our featured work.


Team Lead

MedNica Medical Fund

Marketing Campaign

PA Dental

Research & Statistics

IFSD Fitness

Business Strategy

PA Conservation

Website Design

BVFR Financial

Logo Creation


At 901WebStudios, we help clients build successful products through strategic design and innovative technology.

  • 2005

    Let's Start at the Beginning

    Graduated Etown College with an Information Systems degree, and coded up a calorie counting web page for their cafeteria. To celebrate I finished the the Rockwell's beer journey in a weekend, which shows that through hardwork anything is possible.

  • 2007

    Getting into the Game

    Started work at the State Capitol, and was brought in to help put the finishing touches on their site as they transitioned to a new design. To celebrate, I participated in a Polar Bear plunge in Atlantic City.

  • 2008

    The Time is Now

    Phillies win the World Series! First site is constructed under the 901WebStudios banner. To celebrate, I jumped out of a plane in Las Vegas.

  • 2009

    Keep On, Keeping On

    I begin my longest partnership, with IFSDfit and head trainer Derek Newcomer. At 901WebStudios, we created a fully responsive site for Derek which grew his business 40%. To celebrate, and with the help of Derek's personal training program, I am able to run a marathon in Harrisburg.

  • 2011

    Everyday We Get Stronger

    The business grows and 901WebStudios works with some exciting clients. To celebrate, I survived a Tough Mudder in West Virginia.

  • 2013

    Offering a Helping Hand

    At 901WebStudios, we continue our work giving back to the community. One highlight is creating an extensive marketing campaign for MedNica (Nicaragua International Medical Fund). To celebrate, I participate in a rigorous 10 mile Sparta race in Blue Mountain for charity.

  • 2015

    It All Comes Back Around

    In 2015, I helped lead the charge as we completely redesign the website at the state. We are able to create a stunning, award winning, mobile responsive web site, which is complemented by a fully powered self designed content management system. Furthermore at 901WebStudios, we signed our biggest client to date and continue to put out solid websites. To celebrate, I complete a Warrior Run obstacle course in South Jersey.

  • 2016

    Can't Stop, Won't Stop

    in 2016, 901WebStudios is planning on moving to Philadelphia full time. To celebrate this move, I am planning on completing a Battle Frog event in Seattle.

  • 2017

    Made it to the City

    Adopted a Cat named Arya. She is a princess.

  • 2018

    Great Year

    I got married. I spoke at DjangoCon. The Eagles won the Super Bowl. It was a good year!

  • 2019

    Started to Master's Classes at the University of Penn

    My focus is Agile Development in the Modern World.

  • 2020

    Vice President of the Student Body at Penn

    I organized an Interview Workshop for my constituents.

  • 2021

    Started Work on a New Value Proposition.

    More information to come in the following weeks.

  • 2022

    Ethereum Smart Contracts

    Worked on the blockchain to craft Ethereum smart contracts for the divvy bets platform

  • 2023

    RealLIST Engineers 2023 Award Winner

    I enjoy helping people connect their passion to technology. This includes devloping AI integrated web app. One highlight is the resume cafe which helps job applicants improve their resume.

  • 2024

    AI Consulting

    Leverages AI to give small businesses a competitive edge, combining technology and a client-focused approach for impactful results.

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Our Amazing Team

We believe everyone who wants professional interactive services should have them, so 901WebStudios provides personalized attention to clients of all sizes. No matter how big or small the project, we pride ourselves on our ability to come up with dynamic, custom strategies utilizing web design, development, search and support.

Jeremy G

Lead Designer

Jeremy is focused on the future and is looking to expand 901WebStudios to Philadelphia.

Roger D

Network Consultant

Simply put Roger dodger is best damn network consultant this side of Forester Street.

Whitney C

Communications Manager

Whitney helps us web guys in the ole word department. Soon to be a doctor, the future is bright for this rising star in South Philadelphia.

Frank E

Lead Developer

Little is known of this self described renegade, other than he claims he can smell colors.

Our award-winning agency of creatives, programmers, project managers and online marketers is based in the heart of Pennsylvania. Give us a shout, we'll be happy to meet you.

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